Waddle Bock Farm

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Waddle Bock Farm
Scenes from Waddle Bock Farm
  1. Capons on Bug Patrol
    Capons aren't noisy like guineas and turkeys, and they do an excellent job eating pests such as ticks and spiders.
  2. Roasted Capon
    Capons are the steers of the chicken world.
  3. Paintings from Photographs
    Custom Watercolor Paintings
  4. Capons as Pets
    Some people get attached to a little cockerel and want to keep him as a pet. Capons are quiet and docile.
  5. Watercolor Paintings
    Farm animals and family pets make excellent subjects for watercolor paintings.
  6. Watercolor Paintings from Photographs
    Animal companions make wonderful subjects for watercolor paintings.
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